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Ex Stressed Negative Cash Flow Property Owner Reveals

How He Makes $2053 Positive Cash Flow Per Month...

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'Wrapped' up in one neat package!

I want to personally help you find and invest in your first positive cash flow property deal 120 days from when you join

This guide takes you inside my Positive Cash Flow System and the strategies I use to create positive cash flow right now in the Australian property market.
The system also includes the 5 Secret Positive Cash Flow Nuggets
These "5 Secret Positive Cash Flow Nuggets" have allowed me to make money while I sleep every day of the year for the last 5 years and now I want them to do the same for you.
Here is what you will discover from this positive cash flow nugget...
  • The Great Win/Win... Four simple but highly important rules you must follow if you want to be successful with this property investing strategy. Page 7
  • In a nutshell look at how this system works and why it works so well. (The good thing here is we make it very clear using a simple diagram that will have you understanding this concept fast.)
  • Aussie Wrappers Warning: Five critical elements you must know if you want to limit your risk with this property investing strategy. (The good news is I've been there and made the mistakes so you don't have to.) Page 8
    * Most property educators gloss over this but the fact is I'd rather you know the risks up front and how to limit them. On page 9, I give you my Five biggest secrets for making this property investing strategy work.
  • Wrapping Uncut... simple and to the point I give you my breakdown of who is a Wrapper & and who is a Wrappee. (Plus I unlock the four reasons why the demand for this type of property investing product is increasing.) Page 10
  • The type of finances that have been around for centuries that wrapping fits in perfectly with?
  • Exactly how a "Wrap" is different and where you could easily implement it into a property deal. Page 11
  • The WHY?... if you're like me you'll want to know why the demand for this product is increasing and who will most probably be your happy and most loyal customers.
  • The Aussie Wrappers uncut explanation of how a "Property Wrap" really works! (Straight up forget what you have heard about wrapping before and get the good oil of wrapping from someone who has banked over $120,000 in positive cash flow alone! Not to mention front and back end profits). Page 12
  • WIIFY = What is In It For You? - If you like making money and helping people then you will love reading page 12 because it is all about what you get from "Wrapping a House". (It's true the money is good but sometimes there is more to life than money... I guarantee you will see what I mean after your first property wrap.)
  • The Aussie Wrappers Three Word Mantra for making this Positive Cash Flow System Work... WARNING most people will be put off by these three words, the fact is most people will rely on some form of government hand out in their retirement! (If you do not want to be in that group then you will love reading page 13.)
  • Three Insider Tips for quickly getting the general pricing mood in a particular market or suburb. (It's little things like this that make a big difference.) Page 13
  • What Is The Ideal House? - This is a question I get asked a lot, so on page 14, I uncover for you the ideal house to use with this positive cash flow property investing strategy, so that you can get maximum profit from each deal.
  • How to get into the "Price Loop"... Two easy questions you can ask a Real Estate Agent that will get in touch with the property market in 5 minutes flat... guaranteed.
  • The Aussie Wrapper's Seven MUST have things before you invest a cent into a property deal! (To be blunt going into a deal without these Seven MUST haves is a recipe for financial disaster in my experience and opinion!) Page 15
  • Two Lead Generation Tools that will help you grow your business fast. (Now you are getting into my "Inner Circle" of tools that allowed me to make up to $2050 positive cash flow per month.)

Are you starting to see that this is not some light weight guide put together just to make me a quick buck.

Far from it... in fact this is your complete guide to creating positive cash flow with residential real estate investing.

Then there is Nugget No. 2.....
Proven and Tested Money Getting Methods
  • Stand Out Advertising: Two little known advertising tactics to get your ads to stand out in the newspaper.
    (I learnt these from one of the best direct response marketers alive today and now I want to share them with you, so you can profit from them as well.) Page 29
  • RADIO GOLD... a word for word radio script you can copy and model for your own use. (I guarantee you will sound like an expert in no time using this proven script.)
  • Emotion Sells... which is good for you because you'll also have immediate access to our marketing material including our response pulling flyers on page 32.
  • Sales Copy GOLD... not only do we provide you with Radio Scripts, Flyers, Classified Ads but you'll also get access to our proven and tested website copy and sales letters that we've paid thousands of dollars to copywriter's to create.

Are you looking forward to discovering this wealth creating information?

 read on below

Then there is Nugget No. 3.....
  • Point of contact... our simple system for letting people contact you that protects your time and weeds out the serious buyers from the time wasters.
  • The Aussie Wrappers proven and successful "House for Sale" script that you can model straight away for your own use. (Simply use this script word for word and you will get the people you deserve and want.) Page 36
  • Time Leverage... Four time saving messages you can use to leverage your time. (This is all part of The Aussie Wrappers Success System which you will have access to.
  • Phone Control... a simple way to stay in control of any phone conversation you have with a prospective buyer.
  • How to instantly tell if the person you are talking to is a "window shopper" or a "serious buyer" looking for a house just like yours.
  • Easy to read scripts that WORK! - Your step-by-step regarding what to say and when to say it on the phone. (Seriously this couldn't be easier.) Page 39
  • Call Sheet Template... now you know what to say here is how to easily record it for future use.
  • The Aussie Wrapper's Follow Up System... if you know anything about business you will know that a lot of money is made in the follow up. Luckily enough for you we have put our whole follow up system into this positive cash flow guide. Page 41
Does it make sense to know this wealth creating information?
In fact STOP and picture how confident and self assured you will feel once you have completed your next positive cash flow property deal because you have been educated from having instant access  to the information above! Feels good right?
Now STOP and think about all the ways you can use this information to get what ever you want in your life.

Yes it can happen if you want it too - all you have to do is take action!


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Do I still have your interest? Yes There is more --> There is Nugget No. 4.....
  • Installment Contracts Revealed... what are they and the five must know advantages of using them.
  • Buyers Obligations... Five obligations your buyer must oblige too.
    It is knowing this type of insider information that helps reduce your risk with this positive cash flow investing strategy. Page 44
  • WARNING: Buyer Defaults - Four ways to stay in control of your property deal should your buyer miss a payment or default. (Hey in a perfect world this would not happen but it is not. The good news for you is we have PLAN A, PLAN B and PLAN C covered for you if they do.) Page 44 & 45
  • Moving In... Seven steps that will walk you through the moving in process. As you can see we have left nothing to chance here because it is important to us that you are fully informed and educated about this power positive cash flow property strategy.
  • Taylor Made Letters... you can model to find people willing and wanting to buy your house.(WARNING SERIOUS INVESTORS ONLY SHOULD USE THESE LETTERS!) Page 46, 47, 48 & 49.
Imagine how much quicker you will be able to complete positive cash flow investing opportunities? What is more, you will be empowered to take action quickly because of all the new skills and strategies that you now have at your disposal.

Personal coaching is also available so you have answers at the tip of your fingers available. Support is key to your success.


And finally there is Nugget No. 5.....
This is pure GOLD and would cost you thousands of dollars not to mention hundreds of hours to put together if you knew how and what to do.
These worksheets, templates and forms etc are my insider documents that allow me to move fast and complete deals quickly. It is information like this that serious property investors will want to get their hands on because they know this type of proven and tested information is priceless.
Take a look at what you will get access to as part of my system
  • Buyer Contact Sheet,
  • Property Inspection Summary,
  • Open House Inspections Plan Record Form,
  • Opportunity Housing Fast, Easy Application Form,
  • Private Sale - Heads of Agreement,
  • Offer to Purchase,
  • Opportunity Housing Pty Ltd - Credit Check Questionnaire
  • How to order Your Credit Report from Veda,
  • Sample - Purchase Details 1,
  • Sample - Purchase Details 2,
  • Instructions for Installment Sales Contract,
  • The Mathematics of the WRAP,
  • Sample Purchase Contract Letter,
  • The Direct Debit System,
Phew, well done on reading thus far.
The above Secret Positive Cash Flow Nuggets as you have just read that are included in The Complete Aussie Wrapper Guide let you know it is not some light weight book, there is no filler or rehashed information from some 15-year old book in this positive cash flow success system. No way! In fact you are getting the best and most update information that I am using to make positive cash flow in the Australian property market today.

More importantly is the knowledge you get if you are really serious about making this your most successful year ever.

So it is time you did something for yourself. You have got to be a little selfish here. That is because if you want to finally live the life of your dreams then you will want to put aside a little time to take action to make it happen. The good news for you is you can fast track your results by getting my proven and tested positive cash flow tips, secrets and strategies all in one complete guide available now at my special RUN OUT SALE PRICE SLASHED FROM $6997.
Alright, by now you have read enough and you are intelligent enough to know if you want what I have got to share with you. By now you should know whether or not you are in, or whether you are probably going to pass up this opportunity to work one of one with me?
It should be extremely clear to you that I was serious when I said I had a grand plan for you and that I wanted "to personally help you find and invest in your first positive cash flow property."
However do not get carried away just yet. There is a small catch to this opportunity. It is a small matter, and very reasonable. But it may affect your decision. 

You see...This Opportunity Is Not For Everyone

Now I know that might seem a bit strange but please listen in closely because I need to take a second to explain who this opportunity is not for
  • it is not for you if you believe that you need money to make money.
    Quite frankly that is poor mindset belief and one that is guaranteed to keep you poor for life!
    (I would suggest if this is you then you should leave this letter right now because you are wasting your time and mine!)
  • it is not for you if you believe you can not make money from the Australian property market right now.
    (The simple fact is successful investors will make a lot of money from the Australian property market, there is always opportunities, it is just knowing when and how.)
Q. Do you want to be one of them? A. Join today - click the button and start your education in Vendor Finance)
  • it is not for you if you are not an action taker!
Hey there are a lot of investors out there that talk a good game but bluntly are full of hot air. (You know the ones they are always putting others down while thinking they have god given rights to be an authority on property investing and they do not even own 3 or more properties!) and finally
  • it is not for you if you are looking for a get rich by doing no work scheme! That system is called Lotto! If this is you then seriously stop reading, get in your car and whip down to the Lotto shop because you are wasting time here... guaranteed!
Ok there you have it, sorry to be so blunt but hey its better than you wasting your time and mine only to find out this opportunity to discover my Positive Cash Flow System is not for you. On the other hand if you are not one of the above and you seriously want to take your property investing to the next level then you will need to be quick to get this RUN OUT SALE OFFER.
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Are you ready to unlock the key to your positive cash flow investing future?

Positive cash flow property investing is the key that can unlock the door to a whole new future. Its worked for me and I am sure it can work for you. Right now think of the things you have always wanted to do, but have been unable to because of time and money constraints. Now is the time you made a change so you can do those things you have always wanted to do?
  • If you want CHANGE... then WHEN do you want it?
    • 5 years from now?
    • 3 years from now?
    • 1 year from now?
    • Or do you want it RIGHT NOW?
If you want it RIGHT NOW, then you need to take the first step.
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Get the knowledge and help that can fast track your success. I know personally without it, you are on the slow track. Why wait when you can secure access to my "Complete Aussie Wrapper Guide" your way to gain knowledge in a tried and tested Positive Cash Flow System right now, and also have the opportunity to be personally coached by me until you complete your first positive cash flow deal in the first 120 Days from joining - I want you to be successful.
Happy Investing Paul Zalitis
P.S. The most successful people I know all have one quality - they know how to be decisive. A super powerful skill to possess when you are negotiating to buy positive cash flow property. So if this feels like the right opportunity for you to finally get in the property game then make a decision right now to invest in your future
P.P.S If you have read this far you will understand that I am genuine about helping, coaching and educating you to become a successful positive cash flow property investor. The question is are you?

Becoming successful is an interesting point is not it...

  • Have you ever wondered what makes the difference in successful people's lives?
    • It is not luck... I can assure you of that (How many people do you know who have won at least a million dollars on Lotto).
    • And it isn't intelligence.
    • Nor is it talent.
You see the difference lies in what each person knows and what he or she chooses to do with that knowledge.

To put in a nutshell it is the knowledge we learn and the action we take that makes the difference between success and failure in our lives. Give yourself the best chance you have to become more successful by investing in yourself today so you can profit tomorrow and for the rest of your life.