2012-03-02 00:28:58
There are so many houses for sale in many parts of AustraliaYou can buy good homes by going to open houses or participating in auctionsNo matter what the method is there are important things to bear in mind before you buy a house...

Why Property Investing is better than Renting

2012-02-29 21:46:48
Owning a home is better than renting I am sure that many homeowners will agree with this position...

Property Investing in Australia Remains a Lucrative Option

2012-02-29 21:45:45
The property industry is in an upswing says the latest news I believe that real estate has always been a widely held investment alternative in Australia ...

Walking Through The Stages of Property House Wrapping

2012-02-13 00:36:48
Many people are put off by the thought of positive cash flow property house wrapping because it seems a little bit too technical compared to the idea of purchasing an investment property or even a number of investment properties in order to see a profit coming in each month ...

Property Investing - When You Can Become A Bank

2012-02-13 00:35:05
An idea that doesnt always immediately spring to mind when selling your property is that instead of selling it for a lumpsum monetary settlement why not sell it to your buyer by an agreed instalment plan ...

Buying Wrap Properties in Australia

2012-02-13 00:34:15
For a number of years now the Australian property market has been splitting itself into a number of very different submarkets The residents of Western Sydney are certainly experiencing price movements distinctly unlike those in the Inner City suburbs for example...

Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Wrap Property

2012-02-13 00:32:43
When finding the right lawyer for your WRAP property you need to know that they have expertise in conveyancing and it is also preferable if he or she has handled Vendor Finance contracts as well and is comfortable working with them...

Why You Need A Great Deposit When Buying Positive Cash Flow Investment Properties

2012-02-13 00:23:40
When buying an investment property with the intention of creating a positive cash flow through wrapping you really need to be able to put down a great deposit ...

How To Keep A Calm Head When Buying Positive Cash Flow Property

2012-02-13 00:22:19
One thing that all successful positive cash flow property investors will tell you is that investing in the residential property market is a markedly different business than it is when buying your own home...

Why You Must Do Your Research When Buying A Positive Cash Flow Property

2012-02-13 00:20:33
I have often talked about how important it is that you must ensure that when you buy your property that you must be able to generate a positive cash flow Quite simply this is because it is the only through this positive cash flow that you are able to leverage...